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World of Tanks patch 8.6 Released

This new update brings some reworked and improved balancing for the game, especially for SPGs, Artillery. In the patch, there are also going new tanks and a new map.


New Map: Sacred Valley

This is an Asian inspired map with a lot of variety in terrain shape with hills, open areas narrow passages and much more!


New Tier V Tank:  British Heavy Tank, Excelsior

The Excelsior is a new premium British tank that is a nice all-rounded tank with some good frontal and turret armor. It have a nice rate of fire and a good aiming time.


Then there is a bunch of new SPGs


Russian SPGs:

SU-122A – Tier V

SU-14-1 – Tier VII


German SPGs:

G.Pz. Mk. VI (e) – Tier II

Pz.Sfl. IVb – Tier IV

G.W. Tiger (P) – Tier VIII


American SPGs:

M44 – Tier VI

M53/M55 – Tier IX


French SPGs:

AMX 105 AM mle. 47 – Tier IV

Bat-Châtillon 155 55 – Tier IX


Some other changes are that Tier X tanks have their credit income increase, except for SPGs. The credit income have also increased for Tier IX, VIII, VII and VI, but again, not for the SPGs.

And much more! Read more information about World of Tanks Patch 8.6 HERE




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